Herne the Hunter

  |  Published: Oct 21st 2016

Public Consultation

Wendover Parish Council has received a proposal to erect a sculpture on the island at Hampden Pond.

 The Council invites residents to complete a questionnaire regarding this proposal.

 The questionnaire can be collected from the Clock Tower or can be downloaded from the website.


Objective To enhance the visual experience of visitors and walkers and would like to propose the installation of a piece of sculpture on Hampton Pond Island. 

About me I am a local sculptor living in Wendover for seven years now.  I took up sculpture 16 years ago, modelling in clay and casting in bronze resin and bronze. A love of Renaissance 3D Art and Sculpture drove me to research the various techniques and styles of the European greats….For the last five years, I have been exhibiting and selling my own work from Terminal 5 Fine Art Gallery, Heathrow and Brian Sinfield Gallery in Burford, Oxfordshire. There are scores of clients that have my work in private collections in both here the UK and around the world.

Membership Member of Oxfordshire Sculptors Group, The Surrey Sculpture Society and the Bicester Sculpture Group. More recently I have started workshops from my studio in Wendover and this September, starting a sculpture class in Cherry Tree House Care Home in Wendover.

Why Hampden Pond Island? We are spoiled with all the beautiful walks around us. One of the strolls, with the two dogs, takes us through Heron Path and up as far as St Mary’s Church. Only lately did I open the gate into Hampton Pond to stroll and was enchanted by its withered charm. It has a wonderful ancientness about it, what with the low water and the exposed white craggy, gnarled root system of the trees on the island.  The perfect location was discovered for my favourite sculpture to date…Herne the Hunter. 

The Artwork  Herne is a life sized mythical, antlered man, measuring approx. 7 ft in height. This height includes a base which is a resin tree stump. There are woodland leaves (sycamore, beech, oak, and ivy) cut outs in the torso and limbs. He is gazing upwards in contemplation and his demeanour would complement the serenity and peace of the pond.  Legend has it, Herne, was King Richard II’s favourite huntsman. Whilst out hunting one day with the King, Herne threw himself in the path of a stag that was going for King Richard and got injured and lay dying. A passing sage told Herne’s fellow huntsman to remove the antlers from the stag and place them on Herne’s head. The Sage claimed Herne’s hunting skills in lieu of Herne’s life. The huntsman recovered but never hunted again and King Richard demoted him and it is said, his ghost can occasionally be seen around the old Oak tree at Windsor, on horseback with hounds.  I see this sculpture of Herne, less of a hunter and more of a woodland Deity. His surface has woodland leaf cut outs all over, making him almost see - through in a sense, so much so, that he is almost camouflaged in the foliage of summer and the bare branches of winter.  I believe Herne would be an added attraction to the area, may in time become a milestone/ landmark for walkers, children and teachers. The Wendover section of the Ridgeway National trail route comes close. A plaque on the walk way would tell his story.  He is a limited edition piece of 12 in bronze and 20 in Bronze resin. I am proposing a resin piece as it is a third of the cost of bronze and looks similar to bronze to the untrained eye. The resin base would be staked into the ground and Herne has 1000mm stainless steel bar in his legs, which are secured in the tree stump base. The base in turn is secured in the ground with 300mm steel bars. 

Project Timeline (estimate)

  • Fundraising for production …7-8 weeks
  • Bronze Cold casting……………..5-6 weeks
  • Installation………….1 day

Funding In the region of £ 8,000  -  £10,000.  I need to raise funding for the costs of production and installation only. 

Public Liability and other issues As Herne would be ensconced on the island, he would be of no danger to the public.  The only threat the piece itself would be exposed to, is possible falling boughs from the few trees on the island. I am happy to undertake any restoration work deemed necessary as a result of tree/storm damage. My professional remit requires me to have have Public and Product Liability Insurance. The Company is VAT registered. 

Summary This project is about locating a limited edition, cold cast sculpture, titled  ‘Herne’ in a long term perfectly congruous setting, Hampden Pond andthe Wendover public being able to enjoy some outdoor art, all year round.  If there is a greater awareness of my presence in the area as a sculptor, that would be terrific also! 




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