Enigma from the Other Side

  |  Published: Aug 15th 2016
First known interview with a German Enigma operator, in Bletchley Park Podcast

Pinches & Breaks

  |  Published: Jul 11th 2016
Dive into stories of stolen intelligence treasures which helped turn the tide in the Battle of the Atlantic in the July 2016 episode of the Bletchley Park Podcast, Pinches and Breaks.

Fujitsu Innovation Hub opens at The National Museum of Computing

  |  Published: Jul 5th 2016
The world’s first purpose-built computer centre, Block H on Bletchley Park, now hosts a Fujitsu Innovation Hub with the latest in classroom technologies as a result of a collaboration between Fujitsu UK, its partners: Intel, Brocade, and Kyocera Document Solutions, and The National Museum of Computing (TNMOC).

Wendover Remembers, July 1916

Val Moir and Mike Senior  |  Published: Jul 1st 2016
July 1916 was the blackest month in the history of the British Army.
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