How To Boost Your Metabolism

Cat Booker  |  Published: Sep 19th 2013

The Autumn and Winter is a great time for boosting your metabolism. The chill makes your body work harder. 

ORGANIC is better, and not always affordable, but fat cells hold pesticides. For least contaminated foods check out:

BREAKFAST IS A HIT.  Stoke your metabolism and stop a sluggish system.  Omelettes with mixed chopped vegetables, or add spinach to eggs, along with a serving of 1/2 a cup of cooked oats and berries.  Seriously, this is a meal. 

GREEN TEA a few times a day stimulates fat burning, and over a year can shed a stubborn 4-5lbs.   Easy!

COLD WATER GUZZLERS of 8-12 glasses a day have faster metabolisms than 4 glass drinkers. Simple, and free.

PROTEIN should feature at every meal, around 30grams, eg 1 cup of low-fat cottage cheese, 4oz chicken breast. You feed your muscle which burns more fat.

CALCIUM Sorry, supplements don't have the same effect.  Milk or low fat yoghurt are a great afternoon snack.

IRON Ladies, you need this during certain times and leafy green vegetables, fortified cereals, beans or broccoli help.

SLEEP, FITNESS & HEAT - What a concoction! Several hours sleep is needed, it controls hormones that effect hunger spikes and the metabolism. Fitness in INTERVAL formats fires the metabolism showing greater thigh and waist fat reduction. Strength training with controlled Bodyweight exercises or using suspensions systems or weights like KETTLEBELLS challenges the muscles, but it needs to be tough.

CHILLI, not the weather, the red and green spice, can spike metabolism by a massive 23%. 

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