Ellesborough Road and HS2 construction

Mike Beard; Chairman Wendover Society  |  Published: Nov 22nd 2012

One of the major concerns for Wendover if HS2 goes ahead has been the disruption and costs that would result from possible closure of the Ellesborough Road. Wendover businesses depend on access to the village by this route for a significant number of their customers. Trade is drawn to Wendover from a wide area and easy access on this route is also important to the thousands of tourists who come through  on The Ridgeway which passes along the High Street.

The Wendover Society first raised this issue with HS2 Ltd in April 2011.  The plan had been to close Ellesborough Road permanently and create a long and complicated diversion.    Subsequent to the revised route announcement of January this year the Society has continued to press for this vital access to Wendover to be kept open.

HS2 Ltd senior managers have now confirmed that Ellesborough Road will remain open throughout the construction period apart from a very short time, perhaps as little as a day.  This will be achieved by constructing a short curved diversion alongside the existing road and then re-opening the original section after completion of the green tunnel. The Ridgeway will also remain open to walkers.

Mike Beard, Chairman of The Wendover Society said: ‘Although none of us want this line to be built we will continue to work to minimise the effects on our community.  This new concession demonstrates that HS2 Ltd managers will listen and react to strong representations where this is possible within their remit.’

To contact the Chairman, telephone: 01296 621031 or mobile: 07785 381831 or email: mikebeard4@hotmail.com

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