HS2 Update for December 2011

  |  Published: Dec 16th 2011

HS2 announcement expected

The new Transport Secretary, Justine Greening, is expected to announce this month whether HS2 will go ahead. You can find the latest news at www.wendoverhs2.org or visit the Wendover HS2 Information Centre on Back Street (opposite Borders), open every Saturday from 10.30am to 1pm.

Wendover HS2 welcomes Transport Committee findings

The Transport Select Committee has published its report on the Government's high speed rail proposals. While supporting the development it highlighted fundamental flaws in the HS2 plan. We share these concerns and welcome the Committee's position on the environmental impact and their call for the Government to take account of severe damage to the environment in the business case for the scheme.

The Transport Committee concluded that slightly slower, less environmentally-damaging routes, for instance alongside a motorway, were ruled out prematurely and that the Government should look again at re-routing the line via Heathrow. The Labour Party, which recently published its own critical assessment of the Government's HS2 plans, is likewise in favour of a route via Heathrow and alongside existing motorways. Marion Clayton, said: "We have argued consistently that HS2 as currently proposed will have a devastating impact on the environment, and will do nothing to help reduce the UK's carbon emissions. The Committee was quite clear that HS2 should not be promoted by Government as a carbon reduction scheme, and that designing the line for 250mph trains will have a substantial impact on the countryside and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

"We support the Committee's call for the Government to reassess the seriously flawed business case and provide proof of why the Government regards this proposed HS2 scheme as better than the cost-effective alternatives. The Government is about to commit the country to this £32 billion scheme, which will destroy the natural environment we hold in trust for future generations."

Wendover HS2 would like to thank all those who allowed us to site a noise meter in their gardens. The resulting acoustic survey will enable us to generate a verifiable baseline of ambient noise levels around the village, regarding predictions of high speed train noise should the government indicate their wish to proceed. We would also like to thank all the volunteers who took time to babysit the equipment on Church Lane and Coombe Hill during the survey.

HS2 colouring competition

Colouring Competition

Age Groups: 4-6 / 7-9 /10-12
A4 pictures can be collected from the HS2 Shop, Back Street 14A on Saturdays between 10am and 1pm or downloaded from here.
The completed picture must be handed in to the HS2 Shop by the 17th December. Please remember to write your name, age and contact number on the back. The winner of each age group will receive a prize and their picture will be used as a poster.

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