Hughenden School visit RAF Halton

Jane Reilly  |  Published: Dec 5th 2018

Children and staff from year five at Hughenden Primary School visited RAF Halton this week to take part in a history lesson revolving around World War Two.

Chattering and animated they took part in a number of activities including sitting in a bomb shelter singing to pass the time, with gas masks in a box with their name and label on as if ready to be evacuated. They attempted making a bed with old fashioned sheets and rough blankets, looking at and planning a day’s rations, the danger of explosion, aircraft plotting and sitting in a flight simulator.  Each of the volunteers took time to explain each activity and the children were up for the challenge.

The event was made possible by Museum Curator, Mr Francis Hanford, and his staff of volunteers.

Photos of the day. All images Crown Copyright.
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