Husband and wife team win over Wendover

  |  Published: Oct 3rd 2017

Husband and wife team, Jenny and Garry Hodder, have joined creative forces to bring a new concept in immersive art to Wendover. ‘A Brush with Wine’ shares their combined talents, with a ‘pop up’ evening of paint and palate, offering the perfect combination of relaxation and socialising.

The talented couple celebrated the launch of their new venture, hosting an evening of painting and wine at The Barn, 13 High Street Wendover, with 24 people enjoying a fun-filled evening.  Jenny and Garry were overwhelmed with the success of their first event:

"This is such an exciting time for us. We both fell in love with art from an early age, in fact that is how we met, so working with people to help them create their own piece of artwork is amazing.  The atmosphere on Saturday was fantastic and 

we were full – we even had people coming in from the High Street to have a look! Many of our guests hadn’t painted for years and it was lovely to help them produce a work of art that they were really proud of at the end of the evening."

Garry and Jenny will be hosting more ‘A Brush with Wine’ evenings over the months to come.   To find out more visit email or call 01296 623390

a brush with wine promo photo
a brush with wine photo 1, courtesy j & G hodder
a brush with wine photo 2, courtesy j & g hodder
a brush with wine photo 3, courtesy j & g hodder
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