Introducing the UK's First iPod Pharmacy

  |  Published: Aug 16th 2017

Wondering what to do with an old iPod that’s collecting dust in a drawer? You can now donate it to the Chiltern Music Therapy (Chiltern) iPod Pharmacy, where it will be used to help people in need.

Chiltern are inviting the public to donate their old iPods to a local iPod Bank. The iPods will be cleaned and distributed by the Chiltern Music therapists to their patients. For every iPod collected, Skull Candy will donate a pair of headphones to be given with each iPod.

In a hospital setting, someone’s old music player can be used to help take a patient’s mind off their treatment, pain, or environment, allowing them to lose themselves in their favourite music. Someone undergoing cancer treatment, for example would be able to listen to personalised music, chosen by their music therapist during their chemotherapy.

Music Therapist Natasha Larkin is already looking forward to introducing the iPod scheme in her local London hospital, “We are thrilled to be introducing the iPod pharmacy onto the Older People’s ward here. It will allow so many of our patients to have the opportunity to listen to comforting favourite songs, audiobooks, or albums during times of treatment or care. The ward will be rocking in no time!”

Find out how to donate your iPod, please visit

Katie Shuster, Chiltern Music Therapy

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