January Bletchley Park Podcast

  |  Published: Jan 19th 2015


Bletchley Park Podcast out now

The January 2015 episode of the Bletchley Park Podcast, Crucial Contributions, is out now. It celebrates the contribution of the Polish mathematicians, whose work proved invaluable in the breaking of Enigma at the start of World War Two. It touches on the contribution made by each and every person who worked at Bletchley Park, like Rozanne Colchester, who worked first on Italian codes and later, Japanese. This month, she shares her memories of what she’s called ‘that terrible war’.

The episode also looks ahead at exciting new exhibitions and developments to come this year, with Bletchley Park’s Director of Learning and Collections, and takes the listener to the unveiling of a plaque at the site of a Bombe outstation in Eastcote. It also lets us in on what a bumper year 2014 was for the Oral History project, gathering Veterans’ precious first hand memories for future generations.

The January 2015 episode of the Bletchley Park Podcast is out now on Bletchley Park’s Audioboom channel and iTunes.

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