Judith Hacking retires from Lionel Abel-Smith Trust

  |  Published: Sep 25th 2013

Judith Hacking retired from the post of Treasurer to the Lionel Abel-Smith Trust at the Annual Meeting in May 2013 after 30 years service.  In 1977, when Lionel Abel-Smith, then Lord of the Manor of Wendover, established Wendover Community Trust (as it was then called), Judith was employed by Ernest Maurice. He was the first Treasurer and Judith kept the Trust's books for him. When Ernest retired in 1983, Judith took over from him. In recognition of her long years of service, the trustees agreed unanimously to make her an Honorary Trustee. Matt Ryan, FCCA, was appointed as Judith's replacement.

Judith was honoured by a special tea at Hartwell House to thank her for her hard work for the Trust.

Judith & group
Judith Hacking with current Chair Marion Clayton and former Chair Tony Mogford with his wife Mary (seated next to Judith).
Judith & photo
Judith with the farewell gift of a photo taken with the other trustees at the Annual Meeting in May 2013
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