Leap Offers Support for Coaches in Bucks & MK

  |  Published: Feb 20th 2015

Firstly there is a CoachWeb site available for sports coaches within Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes which is a great tool for coaches to keep in the 'coaching loop', it also ensures that coaches are linked into and aware of all the Leap coaching programmes and is a great way of informing Leap of any training needs you may have. Being registered as a coach on this site also allows Leap to be able to map the current coaching being done within Bucks and MK.

 There are also many benefits to being registered on this site, such as;

  • Develop your coaching CV
  • Log coaching hours, placements and qualifications
  • Receive a FREE monthly coaching e-newsletter which includes information on funding, training, coaching opportunities and general coaching news
  • Possible link to job opportunities through Leap Coaching Agency
  • Be signposted to training courses and events

To create an account simply go to http://www.impactbucks.org.uk.

One of the projects ongoing at the moment is Project 500. Project 500 is a new female only campaign to address the imbalance in the number of male to female coaches, creating a more diverse workforce to drive the growth of female participation in sport. To support Project 500 coaches Leap has worked hard to make sure Project 500 coaches have access to funding, development opportunities and local Project 500 ambassadors, all of which are exclusively available to Project 500 members. If you are interested in accessing any of these great benefits on offer through Project 500, please find out more and sign up to Project 500 for FREE via the link below;

Leap also co-ordinate Safeguarding and First Aid courses throughout Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes. To view the full list of courses for 2015 please follow the link below;

Finally, to support people in Bucks and MK who are interested in coaching, Leap has a financial bursary available which can help individuals achieve a level 1, 2 or 3 coaching qualification. The Leap Coach Bursary can award a maximum of 75% of the course cost, up to £200 for a level 1, £250 for a level 2 and £300 for a level 3. Leap isn't currently taking anymore bursary applications until April 2015, however, if you want to apply after April please just get in touch.

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