Lloyds Bank seeks review

  |  Published: Apr 21st 2015
Letter from Richard Cox, Lloyds Bank Customer Services
I can appreciate your concerns and those of some other local residents and can confirm that following feedback from the local community our Local Director is reviewing the decision to change the opening hours at that branch (Wendover). Once that review has concluded and a decision has been reached, we will inform customers of the outcome. Richard Cox Manager Executive and Media Complaints Customer Services Lloyds Bank

David Lidington has received an encouraging letter from Lloyds Bank, Wendover, concerning the review of opening hours.

This means that it is more important than ever for business people and residents to contact Lloyds Bank explaining why it is vital that the bank should stay open for up to 5 days a week, contrary to the letter sent to customers.

The initial letter from Lloyds Bank urged customers to contact the manager Lorraine Reeves in response. Any such letter can be delivered to the branch.

The online petition can be found by clicking here

There is a petition to sign available in:

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