Local Beauty Therapist Transforms Live of Cancer Patients

  |  Published: Apr 3rd 2014

Local beauty therapist and skin specialist Caron Vetter (52) is leading the way in transformational cosmetics with a revolutionary 3D  nipple tattooing procedure that is benefiting women who have undergone cancer surgery.

Caron Vetter, who is the co-director of Whitethorn Fields MediClinic and owner of the Belmore Centre in Stoke Mandeville, has been drawing on her experience of over 35 years working in the beauty industry to offer the unusual specialist procedure and was one of the first in the UK to do areola restoration. For the hundreds that have come from across the UK for the treatment, Vetter is often fully booked up for two months in advance.

Areola restoration or areola tattooing is a procedure that can take place once the patient has undergone reconstructive surgery following a mastectomy. The areola is created or coloured using a medical tattooing procedure which can also help to cover any scar tissue, improving the overall appearance of the breast.

With breast cancer being amongst one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers for women in Britain, Caron’s expertise has never been so vital. She is dedicated to doing what she can to help women in the aftermath of breast cancer.  “As a woman our breasts form a strong part of our identity and to have them altered, or to lose them all together can be emotionally devastating. That is why I strive to help improve the appearance as much as possible, to help the women feel that they are ‘normal’ again, and to give them back their confidence.”

“We hear the word ‘cancer’ and feel terrified. It is such an emotionally draining time for the patients. By the time I meet them, they may be feeling very fragile and often pretty weathered by their experience. You need experience to treat also on an emotional level.”

Caron, who completed her training in Paramedical Tattooing in the United States, now uses her specialist knowledge to run training courses at her own clinic and within NHS hospitals to teach nurses the art of areola restoration so that the treatment can become more widely used. “The procedure is literally transforming lives. It is remarkable how far the technology has come and I feel it is my duty to share my experience on so that as many women as possible can regain their self-esteem, and feel happy to look in the mirror once again.”



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