Local Business Weathers the Storm

  |  Published: May 8th 2014
Jo blows a kiss to all her loyal and supportive members

Although news broke recently that Rosemary Conley Food & Fitness Ltd has gone into administration, Joanna Beardsmore-Dilks, the local Franchisee in Aylesbury, is to carry on teaching her successful classes and is excited for the future.  Joanna is working alongside many other inspirational franchisees and some forward thinking new investors to evolve the business with a contemporary approach to weight loss.  Her motivational coaching classes will continue to include a variety of inspiring talks, nutrition advice and exercise sessions that embrace Joanna’s philosophy of work hard, play hard and have lots of laughs.

Joanna has been running her classes in Aylesbury for 6 years and during that time has helped thousands of local ladies and gents to get fitter and slimmer in her busy classes.  During this time she has worked closely with many local charities, providing the fun warm-up for the Florence Nightingale Midnight Walk from their launch, and hopes to see many of you there again this year.

 Joanna says, "With my training in nutrition and weight management and 6 years experience helping people in Aylesbury, I feel confident that I can offer a more personal and flexible approach to eating and fitness plans -  considering life-styles, encouraging healthy eating, portion awareness and ways to lower calorie intake without sacrificing flavour.   

"I am a big believer that inch loss is far more important than just counting the pounds on the scales, and with the variety of  exercise and toning we offer, you are likely to see your shape changing in addition to noticing other health benefits and improved fitness."   Joanna encourages members to focus on positive change and join the fun, friendly and welcoming environment that has built up at her classes and other club social events.

A full range of exercise types are offered at Joanna’s classes as she believes that variety really is the spice of life.  Sessions include Zumba, Fitsteps™ and more familiar aerobics!  Throughout the year short courses of exercise sessions are also offered for High Intensity Interval Training (HIITS) and Kettlebells.  Outside Summer Bootcamps will also be introduced very soon to get you ready for your holidays.   All classes and courses now offer an exercise only option too!

"Although I have had some brilliant years with the Rosemary Conley brand, I am excited to be working with some truly  innovative people, to be at the start of something really exciting and feel that moving forward I will be able to offer so much more to our members."


The future is bright and your future is in your hands!

For more details about Joanna’s classes call 01296 485933, or

e-mail joanna.beardsmore-dilks@rosemaryconleyclasses.com 

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