Local Face: Deb McGuire

  |  Published: Jan 1st 2016

Deb McGuire is the mother of Lara (12), Finn (11) and Isla (7) and has sewn all her life. In rural Leicestershire, her lovely Nan taught her to sew. After a spell living in London and abroad she moved to Wendover with husband Peter, and young family 10 years ago and her parents followed them here. She now runs The PlainStitch Workroom in Back Street, a modern sewing school and shop.

Deb started making quilts when it wasn’t at all fashionable as a hobby. But since then she has attempted to convince almost everyone she meets that they too should make a quilt. She says, “I didn’t really tell people about my hobby, which is ironic as now when anyone meets me they usually say, ‘Oh you’re PlainStitch Deb, the Quilt Lady’”! She started teaching friends and neighbours in her front room. Others also asked her how to make a quilt and eventually Christopher Pallet Ltd took pity on her repeated enquiries for a “little outbuilding or garage to rent to teach sewing in” and turned their first floor over to her. She opened The PlainStitch Workroom, in March 2014, and never looked back.

The first floor of the lovely Georgian building on the High Street has been transformed into an oasis of sunny colourful fabric fun (look up next time you walk past the estate agents and you’ll see their cast iron sewing machine sign, entrance through the shiny blue front door in Back Street). The two classrooms and shop are always buzzing with amazing people making amazing things! Deb says, “It’s a joy to be in the heart of Wendover with a sunny south facing view looking over the rooftops of the Red Lion and across to the hills beyond. People pop in as they visit the market and The PlainStitch Workroom is a community as much as a shop.” Deb has now taught well over 150 people in Wendover to make their first quilt in their Simple Sampler class and has shared such special times with these wonderful students. She says, “Each quilt and its maker have a special place in my memory. I remember every block! The roots of quilt making are deep in history and modern makers feel that same desire to make something meaningful for their families, to reuse precious fabrics, and to put a little bit of their personality into something that will be passed through the generations of their own family. In the modern hectic world taking time out to make something precious with your hands has so many well-being benefits and is such a nurturing hobby, as the thriving Wendover Sewing Bee attests.”

PlainStitch has come a long way in the two years that the shop and workroom have been open with over 50 different classes for all age groups from Miss Stitch for 7-11 year olds, teen sewers, embroiderers, knitters, dressmakers and so many more. Visitors are always welcome so ring the doorbell and come up for a browse. The shop is open Tues – Sat 9.30-1pm (2pm on Sat). All the classes are online at www.plainstitch.co.uk/spring classes. 

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