Local Bakers: Enrique & Maria Barreiro

  |  Published: Sep 1st 2012

Enrique and Maria Barreiro were both born in Uruguay, South America.  Maria studied law.  Enrique has a Bachelor Degree in Marketing and worked most of his life as the head of marketing in financial companies.  Once married, they moved to Majorca, Spain.  Their three children were born and brought up there but now two live in Madrid and one, recently married, lives in Bedfordshire.

Ten years ago, with the children having left, Enrique and Maria decided on a change of career and opened up a coffee shop in the main shopping centre of Majorca!  They discovered that they worked very well with the public and enjoyed it very much.  As time went on, they decided that they wanted to be nearer to their family in the UK. Earlier this year, they closed their current business in Majorca and moved to Wendover.

In April, they took over the Bakers Shop in 1 Icknield Court, Back Street, HP22 6EB because they wanted to continue the tradition of a successful British village bakery.  As well as classic bread and sweet goods, bakers have always filled the demand for tasty, quick, hot and cold  take-away food and drink.  Enrique and Maria plan to build on this excellent foundation, responding to the needs and demands of their original customers and attracting new ones.  They pride themselves on the freshness of their ingredients and Maria’s talent for well made salads, sandwiches and rolls, all at affordable prices.  They have also become aware of the importance of hot pasties for the British palate so they are readily available for customers who need to whizz in and eat “on the hoof”.  A pre-order service is available on 01296 624642. They are open to suggestions for favourite sandwiches and other snacks.  Some customers have also found this a learning opportunity as they can practise speaking Spanish when they shop. 

Enrique and Maria also offer a catering service for functions such as birthdays, parties, and weddings.  Members of the public can go in and have a chat with them about their personal requirements in connection with this catering service.  Maria’s specialty is her homemade Spanish apple pie – come in and taste it sometime!

Remember their slogan: fresh · well made

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