Local Face: Charlie Robinson & Alice McDonaghie - Head Boy & Girl at John Colet School

  |  Published: Jul 1st 2011
Charlie Robinson

We believe that being Head Boy and Head Girl of John Colet School is a great honour and privilege.  We have attended this school since Year 7 in 2005 and really feel that we know, and understand the qualities that make this such a good school.  As junior students, we always looked up to the Sixth Formers and now, being elected into our present roles, we recognise and appreciate that this position can bring several opportunities for us, both academically and socially. 

We are now eager to increase the profile of the Sixth Form and want to make closer connections with the Wendover community, especially the younger people who attend the local schools; in this respect, we hope to act as true ambassadors for John Colet School.  Similarly, we also think it is important to build connections with the elderly members of the community by repeating events such as the Sixth Form carol singing at Abbeyfield House, a Residential Home for the Elderly; this proved a very festive and enjoyable occasion for all students involved and hopefully, the residents.  We are also looking forward to participating in the annual act of Remembrance on the Manor Waste in November.

It is an exciting time for us and we hope that the ideas that we have, for not only this Sixth Form but for the community, will be of a positive nature.

Charlie and Alice have recently sat their AS-levels but in mid-June returned to school, preparing for their final A-level exams next summer.

Charlie has been the school photographer since he took the celebration morning photos in year 10.  Photography is one of his A-level courses, the others being Business Studies, Product Design and ICT.  He has also been elected Form Rep in the School Council years 7-11 and  Sixth Form Council rep earlier this year.

Alice’s A-level subjects are Business Studies, Communication Studies, Sociology and ICT.  Since year 10 she has been a Learning partner within school helping other students but also honing her own personal learning skills.  She hopes to go into Marketing.

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