Local Face: Jane Toplis

  |  Published: Jun 1st 1994

Jane Toplis has been linked to Wendover for most of her life. Her Grandfather was an instructor at RAF Halton so although she lived in Aylesbury she spent many a happy childhood hour in Wendover. She fomally came to live here in 1969 and her son attended Wendover Middle School in the original National School buildings.

Jane's involvement in Community Service started many years ago including chairing the Ladies Section of the Junior Aylesbury Chamber of Commerce and until very recently she was Transport Officer for the Aylesbury Holiday Fund, which benefits less fortunate children. She was a founder of the Wendover Ladies Circle and subsequently chaired this organisation.

She continued her support of Wendover Middle School as a classroom assistant to current Deputy Headmistress Mrs Eve Defty which was a development of her previous work teaching 4-5 year olds at Prebendal House School in Aylesbury.

Her appointment as Clerk to Wendover Parish Council in June 1989 brought her to local prominence as its visible face. During this time the Chair has moved between Alex Bennett, Des Willis, David Adams and most recently John Brittle. One innovation she has been particularly associated with is The Village Quiz which is now entering its 4th great year.

With characteristic zeal, Jane detennined early on that she would become as proficient as possible with this new career direction. Her expertise has been recognised since for the last 3 years she has been involved with the induction course for local Parish Clerks. As a qualified Adult Education Lecturer it is not suprising that she was appointed course leader 2 years ago. In May this year she was elected to the Chair of the Bucks Branch of Local Council Clerks.

Since 1991, Jane has been researching into the minutes of Wendover Parish Council including consulting records held at the Guildhall and the Aylesbury Record Office. If you have any photographs or information about any aspect of Wendover Life which may not be in official records please let her know so that the Clock Tower archive can be as complete as possible.

Wendover Parish Council Centenary Celebrations in accordance with the Act passed earlier that year the inaugural meeting of Wendover Parish Council took place at 6.30 pm on 31st December 1894. The first Chairman was the Vicar of Wendover and Lord of the Manor, Albert Smith, who built and lived in Winterton House. Up until this time Local Government had been administered in a very fragmentary way. In rural Parishes like Wendover the vestry system had been the most important one.

Naturally Jane Toplis as Clerk to Wendover Parish Council in 1994 is central to the organisation of the Centenary Celebrations which will take place during the first weekend of July.

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