Local Faces: Graham & Molly Taylor

  |  Published: Feb 1st 2009
Graham & Molly Taylor

Graham and Molly both grew up in South Devon. Graham was born in Dartford, Kent and Molly is from East Yorkshire.

Fate led them together as Molly had stayed with Graham's grandparents, when she moved to Devon as the house they were due to move into had not been completed. Many years later Molly moved to live near the park in which Graham was a gardener. They met when Molly was walking her dog through the park, and as they began going out together, and Molly was introduced to the family, she realised that Graham's grandmother was the lady she and her family had stayed with when she had first arrived in Devon 13 years earlier.

They soon married and had their first son whilst still in Devon. Graham decided to apply for a job as a gardener for a gentleman in Oxford where he made such an impression at the interview, that he was recommended to Lord Carrington, who was at the time looking for another gardener to work on his estate. So in 1978 they moved to Buckinghamshire to work at Lord Carrington's home in Bledlow.

Graham and the family spent nine years there and particularly enjoyed the days when the gardens were open to the general public. Graham enjoyed chatting with people about the gardens and Molly helped Lady Carrington, preparing teas and cakes.

As years passed Graham wanted to start up his own gardening business, and as the children were growing up, felt the need to have a more secure future for them.

In 1985 the family left Bledlow and eventually settled in the first house of their own in Wendover. They moved to a larger more affordable house in Aston Clinton for a few years but kept the children in the Wendover Schools and were very happy to return here.

Molly spent many years working in the community with adults with learning disabilities and associated mental health problems. She initially worked as a Horticultural Instructor at Missenden Abbey, under Bucks County Council and then worked in Management, running homes in the community in the same field of work. However Molly decided to come back into the family business five years ago, and has taken on most of the general maintenance side of the business. Graham and their youngest, Ben, primarily carry out the landscaping side of the business and Molly looks after the general maintenance of local gardens including Abbeyfield House, in Dobbins lane, where she enjoys not only tending the gardens there, after Graham and Ben had initially landscaped part of it but she also chatting to the residents, and discussing new ideas for the garden.

Over the past two years Graham & Molly have provided plants etc., and have planted and maintained the small areas under the tree on the Manor Waste. Unfortunately they find it difficult in the summer months getting water when the weather is dry and really would appreciate any helpful suggestions.

Ben still enjoys working with Graham and Molly in the family business, known as Landcare Garden Services.

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