Local Faces: Jane Miller & Diane Riddy

  |  Published: Jun 1st 2017


Twin sisters Jane Miller, who lives in Wendover, and Diane Riddy, have joined forces to paint under the name of ‘Jadi’ – a most intriguing concept!! Home for some 25 plus years, was Seer Green, just on the outskirts of Beaconsfield in the idyllic Buckinghamshire countryside. Having a very practical father, they often found themselves helping dad with chores and found they were quite creative in one way or another!  The garden shed was painted and became a Hospital for sick animals. They produced their first masterpiece at the age of about 7 years using a variety of items out of the garage including rusty nails, old rubber piping and some very sticky substance, probably used in the plumbing industry, as that was dad’s profession. It did keep them amused for hours and out from under their mother’s feet! School life was endearing – Art, of course being the favourite lesson, it seemed far more exciting than the ‘three R’s’!

If the clocks could be turned back!  How things could have turned out so differently but in those days they were encouraged to get a ‘proper job’ so both left school to become shorthand typists. No formal art training! Fast forward now some 30+ years – Jane travelled the world with her husband’s career and both held jobs and raised families.About 8 years ago, Diane had a fall whilst out walking (should have taken more water with it!) resulting in an ankle fracture and leaving her immobile for about 7 weeks. This resulted in her being taken to a local art class – and that is really where it all started.  The teacher was so encouraging and gave her the confidence to exhibit a painting in a local exhibition – and how amazed and excited she was when she found out it had sold. Jane soon got her paint brushes out on retiring from a full time job and many hours were spent painting together, albeit working on separate pieces.

Jane was lucky enough to get a commission from a very well known lady, running to a very tight time-scale but Diane was there to assist – mainly mixing the paint and passing the brushes and, of course, making the tea!  Once completed, they decided they would try to produce a ‘joint’ painting – it was always going to prove to be a challenge but they found that they were definitely on the same wavelength and have now produced several large canvases under the name of JADI. They appreciate it is a rather different concept and many people ask ‘Does one twin do the left side and the other the right?’  It very seldom happens like that. They literally work on various sections together until they have evolved an end result. They only ever work on the pieces together and have produced varying subjects, which have invariably  sold quickly at local exhibitions.  They continue to conjure up new ideas and their subject matter has included busy street scenes, parrots and elephants and even a painting of Queen Victoria. Being self taught artists, their approach to painting remains unorthodox and they forever strive to produce different pieces using a variety of textiles and methods.

This year they are taking part again in Bucks Open Studios from Jane’s Studio and Garden in Wendover. Please do try and pop along to see them if you can during this period. They would like to welcome you and the kettle will most definitely be on! Full details can be found on Jane’s website www.janemillerart.com.

Jane and Diane, photo courtesy JaDi
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