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  |  Published: Sep 1st 2016

Hannah writes:Both Jake and I supported the new Year 7 students on the Year 6 induction day last term after being elected as Head Boy and Girl. We ensured that the Year 6 students felt comfortable in their new school environment, and introduced ourselves meaning that the Year 7s joining in September hopefully will feel comfortable speaking to us, if they needed a friendly face to speak to. 

In addition, Sally and I helped to judge the Year 7 speaking contest alongside English teachers.

The last task for the Head Girl/Boy and Deputies was to organise the Sixth Form sports day on Tuesday 19 July. Events consisted of a variety of obstacle races, and included a teacher versus student football with a mass game of rounders to finish off. 

Traditionally in the sixth form we choose to fundraise for two charities, one local charity and one national or international charity. To ensure we raise as much money as possible and beat our last amount for the previous year we will have various fundraising events at different times of the year. 

In previous years we have stuck to the tradition of Freaky Friday which is a Hallowe’en based fundraising event, Frosty Friday which is a Christmas season event, and Flirty Friday, a Valentines day themed event. These events involve years 7 to 11 and are thoroughly enjoyed by all. 

Another key traditional fundraising opportunity is selling Krispy Kreme doughnuts, which is always a good way to raise as much money as possible for our chosen charities. In the coming academic year, we wish to create many other ideas to raise as much money as the Krispy Kreme doughnuts do!

We are also excited to be working with our new head of sixth form, Mrs Remmington, and the ideas she will want bring to sixth form, and the Sixth Form Council. Within the Council we will hope to organise new events such as a Freshers party, where the new Year 12s and Year 13s can intermix and the year 12s can feel comfortable in their new environment of sixth form.

Jake writes: I hope to be approachable to all pupils so that I can be a source of support for younger students, as well as a role model. I also wish to ensure that the sixth form are given opportunity to voice their opinions in order to improve their school lives. 

The Freshers event in September is important to me and as Head Boy I will take on this role, along with Hannah and the deputies, to ensure that the new Year 12’s can integrate into the sixth form - as there are many changes from GCSE to A-Level life so they should be made to feel welcome and comfortable right from the start.

Head Boy Jake Fitzgerald
Head Boy Jake Fitzgerald Studying at A-Level: Geography, Physical Education, Psychology
Deputy Head Boy Owen Green
Deputy Head Boy Owen Green Studying at A-Level: Communication & Culture Studies, Film Studies, General Studies, Psychology
Deputy Head Boy Henry Morgan
Deputy Head Boy Henry Morgan Studying at A-Level: Business Studies, Film Studies, General Studies, Travel & Tourism
Deputy Head Girl Cameron Jackson Rowe
Deputy Head Girl Cameron Jackson Rowe Studying at A-Level: Biology, History, Maths, Psychology
Deputy Head Girl Sally Sharp
Deputy Head Girl Sally Sharp Studying at A-Level: Communication & Culture Studies, Photography, Studying at BTEC, Art & Design
Head Girl Hannah Scullion
Head Girl Hannah Scullion Studying at A-level: Geography, Health & Social Care, Psychology, Sociology
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