Local Faces - John Colet Head Girl & Boy 2014-15

  |  Published: Jul 7th 2014

Congratulations to Siobhan Devereux and Dan Ambrose who were recently elected to the positions of Head Girl and Boy at John Colet School. They are really looking forward to leading the pupils through the next academic year.


Siobhan was elected on a community mandate and is very keen to represent the student voice with both teachers and governors. She is also very keen that John Colet students should take an active part in local life as well. Hopefully there will be positive interaction with Wendover Parish Council and other local organisations as appropriate.

Dan’s manifesto was similar. He was an enthusiastic member of the Sixth Form Council this year, so his particular interest is to enthuse more of the sixth form to participate in the Sixth Form Council as more people helping means more events, more fund raising and more fun all round.

As always, the work of the new Head Girl and Boy starts now with induction days for both Year 11 into 12 and Year 6 into 7. Later in the month they will organise a sixth form sports day.

In the new academic year again their first focus will be settling the new groups of students entering year 7 or 12. The sixth form now has vertical tutoring with year 12 and 13 students in the same tutor group. This system helps the sixth form to be a more cohesive unit as the younger ones can easily learn form their seniors who have just been through it.

To help with academic matters, there are buddies on hand to give advice on individual subjects, too. This all leads into a Freshers’ evening social which takes place off the school premises and is one of the first fund raisers of the year.

The Sixth Form Council does a lot of fund raising, often coinciding with well known calendar festivities, Fancy Dress or Mufti Days, so watch out for days related to Halloween, Christmas, Winter, Pancakes, Easter Eggs or similar. Last year there were successful cake sales and Krispy Kreme Doughnut Days. All these events, however small, add up to serious fund raising. The task of the Sixth Form Council Treasurer is vital to keep the money in order and make sure it reaches the charities, usually two, chosen by the sixth formers who can all make proposals from which the lucky ones will be chosen. These often turn out to be one local and one national or international charity.

The year 13 who have just left raised approximately £1000, so this year’s leaders have their target set already.

Siobhan is studying History, R.E and Sociology. She is looking to study Criminology at university in the future.

Dan is studying Maths, Physics and Further Maths. He would like to study Engineering in the future.

The new Deputy Head girl and boy are Orie Amadi and Dominic Burnham. Siobhan and Dan are looking forward to working with them.

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