Local Faces: Mick & Megan Cawley

  |  Published: Jul 1st 1997

When Mick & Megan Cawley returned to England from a six-year spell with the Army in Germany they were put into Married Quarters in Windsor knowing that Mick's 15 year tour of duty was coming to an end. Mick was born and brought up in Monks Risborough while Megan was born in Weedon and spent her teenage years living in Great Kimble and Stoke Mandeville so they both had strong roots in this part of Buckinghamshire. At last they were offered a house and were absolutely delighted to arrive in Wendover in December 1991.

Their children, Sarah and Adam, immediately settled into John Hampden County First School and Sarah joined 1st Wendover Brownie Pack. By February 1993 Megan had become Unit Helper as Snowy Owl and by April 1994 she started working for her Guider's Warrant as Assistant Guider, Tawny Owl, and in January 1997 she took over as the Unit Guider, Brown Owl.

In September 1993, Mick and Megan took control of Aylesbury Rugby Club's under 8 team - Mick as Team Coach and Megan as Manager. They stayed with the team until May 1996, when, after 3 mini festivals and 2 rugby tours, they handed the team over to another Wendoverian, Jonathan Lane, in order to concentrate on their other interests.

Both Sarah and Adam joined the Badgers, the youngest section of St John Ambulance. In January 1994, Mick became the Badger Leader and by October 1994 Megan had joined as Assistant Leader. At the time they had 9 very keen Badgers. Their tenure of leadership has been so successful that in April 1996 they opened the Beechwood Badger Sett bringing their total responsibility to 48. They still need more adult leaders to help with the increased numbers, especially on Monday evenings.

The history of the Order of St John goes back to 1099 and English Crusaders. The Hospitallers found themselves allied with the Templars and they became famously associated with the islane of Malta with Knights of other nationalities joining, notably French. In England, the Order was disbanded by Henry VIII in 1540 but in the 19th century some French Knights encouraged its revival and in 1877 the St John Ambulance Association started. Then in 1887 the St John Ambulance Brigade was established. In 1922 the St John Cadets were formed and to mark the centenary of the Brigade in 1987, the St John Badgers were formed with Wendover Woodland Badgers one of the first Setts to be founded. This means that 1997 is the 10th Anniversary for Badgers with many celebratory events.

Mick decided that it would be great fun to have a Youth Fete on the Colet Field with one of the main events being Badgers skipping as part of the British Heart Foundation Jump Rope Challenge, their nominated charity this year. It is also part of the Badger Games badge. The Fete will take place from 1.30 to 4.30pm on Sunday 6th July. Proceeds of the Badgers sponsored event will be split 75% to British Heart Foundation and 25% to Badgers. The focus of the event will be near to the Guide and St John Huts in Manor Crescent so that running water and other facilities will be available to the public.

In Summer 1996, Mick became a Guide Unit Helper, Kestrel, so it is not surprising that the Guides and Brownies are giving their full support. The Scout movement has also been invited to participate, including the Venture Scout Unit which involves older teenagers which are also showing their wares including Halton ATC, Wendover Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme and several groups from Wendover Youth Club, including the Shalom International Exchange.

If you were not aware of all this purposeful youth activity in Wendover then the afternoon of Sunday 6th July on the Colet Field is your opportunity to see it in action. Be there!

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