Make sure it is a Merry Christmas for all

  |  Published: Dec 7th 2017

Christmas is almost upon us, and for some of us this is a time of great anxiety.

One in six of the population has some hearing loss, so you are sure to know someone who will be struggling this Christmas.  Hearing aids are brilliant mini computers, but they don't cure hearing loss, and it is especially difficult in noisy Christmas gatherings, but you can help.

When speaking to someone with hearing loss, if possible, find a quiet place to talk, face the person you are taking to, speak clearly, naturally, and not too fast. Be prepared to repeat, or to put it another way. Be patient, it might take a moment for them to make sense of what you have said. Please don't leave us out, it can become very lonely when hearing starts to fade, and it can happen to anyone of any age.

My name is Judy Perry.   I have a hearing loss myself, and I run the Lipreading and Managing Hearing Loss classes in the Community Room at Wendover Library. If you are struggling to hear, the best thing you can do to help yourself (after getting a hearing test to see whether you need hearing aids) is to join a lipreading class.  We’re a small and friendly group and you will meet others with similar experiences.  Come and give it a try – the first lesson is free!

You can contact me at, or call or text 07837 993923. 

For classes in other areas see

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