Wendover resident Melissa Mostyn publishes her experiences

  |  Published: Apr 30th 2014

What would you do if you were a pre-lingually deaf person who found herself parenting a disabled child? 

For Melissa Mostyn, it was a crash course in both first-time parenting and cerebral palsy, the condition her daughter Isobel was diagnosed with. 

Right from the beginning of MY DAUGHTER AND I, you are clear that this is no ordinary child-rearing-against-the-odds book. Melissa writes from the perspective of someone who has grown up deaf, and as a consequence, has always known and accepted that she was different. 

Before she became a parent, Melissa had worked with people with disabilities in a variety of empowered and leadership roles, ensuring that she brought a rather divergent attitude to the table. 

Nevertheless she was unprepared for the conflicting emotions that arose within after Isobel was born, and so began her blog, THE MOSTYN-THOMAS JOURNAL. 

Nearly four years and much blogging later, MY DAUGHTER AND I is the result. A powerful and insightful e-memoir, MY DAUGHTER AND I promises to take your head and your heart to places you never thought you'd go, in the process forcing you to re-evaluate what it really means to be human.

MY DAUGHTER AND I is available on Amazon here.

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