Air Gunner's Memoirs Donated to RAF Halton

  |  Published: Nov 15th 2015
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Walter Stevenson, from Hazlemere near Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire, was an aircraft gunner during WW2 and was decorated with the DFM (Distinguished Flying Medal) after the war. He is now 93 years old, and has written his fourth book which he donated to RAF Halton this week after taking tea with the Station Commander.

The book, his memoirs, called ARYSUASU or Airman Roll Your Sleeve Up And Shut UP, relives his joining the RAF, his training and experiences from the war. World War 2 started in early September and Walter was 17 on the 29th of that month so immediately joined up.

Walter visited RAF Halton with his wife Lilian and daughters, Heather and Helen, who helped type the book out with another another family member proof read it for him.

Walter was on Coastal Command during the war with 621 Squadron, when he spotted a U-boat and destroyed it. The Commander of the U-boat was Heinz Gek who was executed after the war for war crimes and Walter was decorated with the DFM by King George VI.

Walter said: “My books tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I had never seen a U-boat so took action and if we hadn’t done what we did that day then none of us would be here to tell the tale. Us gunners didn’t get told a lot about what was going on so had to stay alert. I firmly believe that if we want peace today we have to prepare for war.”

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