Mentmore Golf & Country Club – Sale Confirmed

  |  Published: Jul 10th 2015

Mentmore Golf & Country Club, which unfortunately closed its gates early June, has been sold out of administration to a newly formed company backed by the previous owner Simon Halabi. 

The club ceased trading due to financial difficulties on Sunday 7 June and since then, Grant Thornton were appointed to seek a quick buyer.  A bid on behalf of Mentmore members was submitted, but the club was sold shortly after being placed into administration on Friday 3 July.  Precise details of the deal are unclear, as are the arrangements for creditors, debenture holders, and members generally.

The new owner, Mentmore Golf Corporate Limited, is yet to reveal its plans and Club Captains Martin Cowling and Anne Bridges, who led the members buy-out bid, are keen to ensure that the interests of past members are recognised under the new regime.

Mens’ Captain Martin Cowling said, ‘Many members have paid out considerable sums in five year membership deals – some as recently as last September, and they could be left high and dry by this potentially controversial deal. Whilst we are naturally pleased that the ownership of the club has been resolved, we are keen to hear the owner’s plans, as it is essentially the same people running the club as under the previous regime.’

Ladies’ Captain Anne Bridges is equally concerned. Anne says ‘We are very keen to engage with the owner as soon as possible to understand his plans for the club, both from a golf and also a health and fitness perspective, where the club has enjoyed strong membership over recent years.  Unfortunately many members have already joined alternative golf clubs and gyms and with the summer nights drawing in, time is running out to retain what loyalty remains.’

Members can expect to hear from the Administrator within the next week.

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