Mimi's Mission - Update Summer 2012

  |  Published: Oct 29th 2012

It has been a while since we last updated this generous community of ours about Mimi's progress (Amelia Simpson) following her operation in the spring, fantastically paid for by you.

Regular visits to her physiotherapist continue twice a week, including through the holidays, as well as regular hydrotherapy sessions. Mimi is slowly building her stamina and strength and various types of equipment have been bought to assist her. Mimi's progress is slow but steady and it is important to remember that in the 12 months prior to the surgery she had been deteriorating. She was weak as she entered surgery and her challenge now is to strengthen her anti-gravity muscles and re-learn a new motor pattern, now that her spasticity has been reduced.

Mimi had two wonderful weeks at "Playaway" at the beginning of the summer holidays paid for by donations. "Playaway" is a daily programme of fun activities including drumming, pottery and swimming which also incorporates her physiotherapy and occupational therapy based on conductive education.

Mimi and her twin brother James celebrated their 10th birthdays in June with a room full of lovely friends and Colonel Custard! Mimi was promised a party whilst in hospital in America and thanks to ever generous friends and family, that wish became a reality.

Fundraising has continued with the very brave Tony Gill having his legs waxed, less painful beauty days and a very generous donation from the guests at The Butlers Cross Ball. Money was also raised by a local company called Grass Roots at their Jeans Day! Further afield Emulex in Wokingham have been regular supporters during these last few months. Lots of produce has been sold locally by adults and children too. Thanks are also due to Sally O'Halloran who made the most wonderful jubilee cake which was raffled at Whitewaters.

Well done to the cubs and leaders of 1st Wendover Saturn Cubs who took part in a sponsored hike in Wendover Woods and raised over £200 for Mimi's therapy.

Wrist bands have proved very popular and together with collection tins, which children were invited to take home from John Hampden and Wendover CE Junior Schools, enough money was raised to buy Mimi a new tricycle. This tricycle in Mimi's favourite colour, lilac, and has proved very popular during the summer holidays. This specialised trike is part of the regular physical therapy Mimi needs each week.

Fundraising is beginning to draw to a close as, incredibly, about £114,000 has been raised. We are working on the final push towards the £120,000 target for the Autumn. It's hard to believe that we haven't yet been fundraising a full year, but thanks to this community's immense kindness we have raised enough to cover all Mimi's costs until the end of 2014. Money raised for Mimi's Mission is looked after by its Treasurer, Matt Ryan and his wonderful team at Numbers Ltd. Mimi's Mission is a Trust, not a charity, and please don't hesitate to send any questions about how this has been set up and run to the Treasurer.

Thank you to everyone near and far who have made all this possible. Grateful thanks for all the donations and for the many anonymous benefactors. Wendover Community Trust has made a significant donation spread over the next two years, which is extremely kind. For Mimi's Mum, there are no words to express adequately how grateful she is to each and every one of you.

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