Music can do more than just help your Golf Game

  |  Published: Apr 26th 2017

Chiltern Music Therapy (CMT) are on a mission to show just how life-changing music is. Music can affect many areas of your life, even golfers are claiming that listening to music can help with their golf swing but Chiltern wants to show that music can do so much more. On Saturday 10th June they are inviting golfers to experience the power of music for themselves, which is why they are introducing the ‘music hole’.

Chiltern’s annual Golf Day raises money to provide music therapy to those who would otherwise be unable to access their services. This year, they are going one step further by giving entrants the opportunity to see the work they do in action. Chiltern are bringing together music therapy and golf in a very exciting way.

Have you ever heard a piece of music and been transported back to the day you first heard it? Do you put on a specific song that makes you run faster? In those moments, you are experiencing the power of music. Music is allowing you to recall a memory and that song is helping you to move faster. Members of each team will be given a song to listen to as they tee off at the ‘Music Hole’ and a Chiltern Music Therapist will be on hand to explain just how that piece of music is effecting their brain. 

“For people who are suffering from Dementia or Parkinson’s, Autism or Learning Difficulties, the power of music can be life changing,” said Rebecca Atkinson, Director of Services at Chiltern Music Therapy. “Find out for yourself by signing up for our golf day. Individuals and teams can enter, email to secure your place.”

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