National Grid helicopter inspects the lines

  |  Published: Feb 20th 2015
National Grid helicopter
National Grid helicopter

Statement from the National Grid

Today (Friday 20 February) we have been carrying out inspections known as ‘condition monitoring’ of our overhead line between Amersham and East Claydon.

This is routine work which is carried out every few years and we use a high definition camera to carry out these checks.

The inspections are very detailed and we need to hover over the lines and pylons to carry them out.

Other types of work we use our helicopters for include high definition camera checks of metal work on our pylons – these also require us to hover for a while over the pylon being checked.

We also carry out surveys using infrared cameras which can be done by flying over the lines rather than hovering.

Our helicopters may also be called upon to carry out emergency checks of lines.

We take great care to ensure our flights are carefully planned and do not cause disruption to local communities.

Sometimes we will use foot patrols as an alternative means of checking the lines and pylons.

Anthony Quarrell

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