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Cat Booker  |  Published: Jun 23rd 2015
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FORM Personal Training & Biomechanics arrived in Wendover in May 2015.  The space is well described as a smart, functional, vibrant new micro studio with an exclusive and private feel.

Since the opening day on 23rd of May, existing personal training clients from within the local area, and new comers from the village are now working to achieve goals in weight loss, strength gains, remedial strength and conditioning, sport performance, nutritional health, and wellness with various members of the team who came together at FORM under Cat Booker’s belief that there is demand for a holistic approach.

The clients at FORM can have an herbal tea, organic soft drink or filtered water on tap during the free personal training consultations that Form provide.  The sports and deep tissue massage therapist, Peter Littlewood, and nutritional therapist, Maria Bray, run an excellent initial appointment consultation.  The Founder, Head Trainer Cat Booker, and team are all local to Wendover and very well established in their professions.  The experience of the team and commitment to their fields has earned them a great reputation.  

As soon as FORM opened, new sports massage/deep tissue remedial appointments started booking up for triathletes, cyclists, or people with long-term niggles, or issues such as chronic back or shoulder problems.  'I feel like Peter has so much knowledge, and is a very calm person and really listens.  The treatment I had has also taught me some things, and gave a really thorough analysis of my ongoing injury and other related factors'.  E Bayliss, Bedgrove.

As well as the sports and remedial work, and personal training, FORM are running small group courses in a class format, designed to offer people more attention, assess their movement as an individual within a group, so the experience is higher quality training and coaching.  'I have known Cat for a couple of years now, and her attention to detail in training is admirable.  Even in a small group you feel like you are getting more attention, and more out of the session. I am in a Pilates group on Monday nights, and it is helping with my back operation re-habilitation progress'. Tracy P, Princes Risboro.

The newest member of the team, Lisa Jay, comes from Aylesbury, and works with Cat already as a Spinning(R), Circuits, Kettlebells, and suspension training and personal training coach.  As a member of the team, like Cat, she enjoys her own sport and training, and sharing the knowledge to help people achieve their results.  Both of the trainers have experience in sports, competition and working with people post injury or in pre-habilitation to keep them well conditioned using advanced foam roller techniques, and the latest products on the market to help people do their own recovery training.  ‘We simply enjoy what we do and being part of seeing people change for the better’.  Lisa Jay

One of the main areas of the business is intrinsic biomechanics which studies the functional movement in screening tests, to help people move more freely, and get to the root of biomechanics problems.   This is the experience of Cat Booker, and her network with physiotherapy and the biomechanics association MAMA.  

The services of nutritional therapy can include helping people with digestive problems, skin disorders, hormonal issues, and weight loss, to coordinating tests for thyroid, organ function, and intolerance or allergy diagnosis.

As a group the team really supports clients who may be going through a process of using all services over time, or more over others.  Either way, FORM work closely with reputable physiotherapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and osteopaths to support clients' needs.  'There is not one panacea for all ills, but we truly believe in training, treatments and therapy support making a difference to people’s lives on whatever level that might be'.  Cat Booker

To contact the team and view the details of the appointments, and prices, please visit The studio is open by appointment only, but feel free to see where they are, behind Lloyds Bank, and drop an email to them on

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