Nordic Walking - Turn your walk into a workout!

  |  Published: Apr 3rd 2014

Nordic Walking is a superb way to get fit, lose weight and enjoy the countryside. Unlike walking with hiking poles, you plant the poles behind you rather than in front, acting as a lever to give you a longer and more physical stride, which is why it is one of the best cardiovascular and toning exercises there is. Not to mention all the benefits of exercising outdoors and the positive effects on your mental wellbeing.

All abilities and ages can get involved. Whether it’s a short gentle walk, or hilly interval training, Nordic walking can be adapted to suit everyone. Here in our local area there is no shortage of different terrains and gradients, canals, woodland and steep hills to climb, it is impossible not to find a walk to suit you. 

We have also seen huge benefits in rehabilitation, as walking with Nordic Poles has minimal impact on the joints, corrects any posture issues, and has really helped people with knee and back problems. It is also a cardiovascular workout, promoting a stronger heart.

So how do I get started?  Firstly you need to learn how to do it, a qualified Nordic Walking Instructor can teach you all you need to know to master the technique. It is vital you know how to Nordic Walk in order to maximise your workout and get all the benefits. The next step is getting out there and walking, you can join a group for that added motivation and social experience, organised groups with an instructor will ensure a safe, effective and enjoyable walk. 

There are many organised Nordic walks in your local area, to find out more about Nordic Walking why not take a look at JPR Fitness website, contact Jackie on 07788568204 or email

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