Oakwood Wellbeing - a new venture for the Chilterns MS Centre

Catherine Golds, Chilterns MS Centre  |  Published: May 12th 2017

It is an exciting time for the Chilterns MS Centre as they launch their new venture – Oakwood Wellbeing.  As the Centre sees an increased number of people with multiple sclerosis (MS) accessing their ever expanding services, the Centre is launching Oakwood Wellbeing to generate new income. 

Oakwood Wellbeing’s vision is to be a centre of excellence for health, fitness and wellbeing services. It will encapsulate a development of the existing evening clinics providing physio and hydrotherapy for non-MS patients, oxygen therapy, new group exercise classes open to all and an exercise referral scheme. All of this will enable the charity to maximise the use of the fantastic facilities outside the hours they deliver care and support to people with MS.

They have developed a range of high quality, client focused services that encourages, supports and empowers people to achieve and maintain their health and fitness goals.

The professional services will keep people healthier for longer to reduce the impact of long term conditions and injuries.

Boost your health and fitness levels by joining an exercise class with Oakwood Wellbeing. The first class launching is called ‘Armageddon’, and is held on Wednesday evenings. These are circuit style, focussing on your upper body, lower body and core, and will aim to develop your speed, strength and stamina. Exercise classes offer not only physical benefits but also the opportunity to make friends, and studies show that you are much more likely to stick with and enjoy exercising in a group than on your own!

The Exercise Referral Scheme helps you if you have or are at risk of various long term conditions including cardiovascular disease, arthritis, COPD, cancers, asthma, back pain, diabetes or obesity. It can help you achieve your best results, provide safe and effective exercise whilst helping you to make positive changes to your lifestyle and become active for life. You can ask your GP or health professional for a referral to Oakwood Wellbeing.

If you want to make a difference to your health, then call Oakwood Wellbeing and they will help you start your journey to a new lifestyle whilst supporting your local independent charity, which is a real lifeline to people with multiple sclerosis in the local community.

Call on 01296 823044 or e-mail info@oakwood.org.uk.


group exercise (courtesy oakwood wellbeing)
group exercise 2 (courtesy oakwood wellbeing)
walking therapy (courtesy oakwood wellbeing)
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