This is one rubbish film you must not miss!

  |  Published: Mar 30th 2016
Warren Whyte, Cabinet Member for Planning & Environment
Warren Whyte, Cabinet Member for Planning & Environment

You've seen the leaflets about recycling, you've read the advice in the paper  – now watch the film.

But in this case, the film in question is a live webcam from the various Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs).

This enables householders to view the traffic at the sites at any time during opening hours so they know when it's prudent to drive there to dispose of their waste.

The webcams are just part of Buckinghamshire County Council's strategy to make visits to the recycling and re-use sites as simple as possible. All sites except Bledlow are now covered - to view your local site go to 

Now the Council is urging residents to make as much use as possible of the HWRCs – especially from April 1 when the extended opening hours are 9am-6pm.

Warren Whyte, Cabinet Member for Planning & Environment, said: "At this time of year we're all busy with spring cleaning and garden maintenance, and maybe some DIY, all activities that generate potential waste.

"It does mean, though, that it's a busy time for our household waste and recycling centres, and I'd ask people to check our webcams before you visit to check how busy the centre is - and to find out on the website the correct way of disposing of different waste materials. This not only saves time, but makes sure that we recycle whenever possible to reduce our environmental footprint. And it's even better if something can be re-used – it stays out of the waste system, and means that we're consuming just a little less as a community in the first place."

Here are some other tips on waste and recycling to make your visit to your HWRC as easy as possible:

  • If you're clearing things out of your house, shed or garage, don't forget that re-use is the most environmentally-friendly approach. If things are still in good condition or easy to put right then they may be useful to someone else – you might be able to sell them on e-bay or at a boot sale, or otherwise offer them for free on websites such as Some items may be suitable for our re-use shops at High Heavens (Wycombe) and Aston Clinton HWRCs – items are accepted at any HWRC, with all funds raised going to South Bucks Hospice,-recycling-and-treatment/household-waste-and-recycling-centres/re-use-shop/
  • If things can't be re-used, then make sure that anything recyclable goes to the right place, whether that's through your district council collection or at the HWRC. There are also facilities at the HWRC to dispose of specialist waste items you might clear out such as domestic batteries (AA, AAA, ‘button’ etc) , cooking oil,  or engine oil.  Used textiles and small electrical waste items such as kettles and toasters can also be taken to any of our sites. Get full details on our a-z list
  • Garden waste is welcome at the recycling centre, but a garden clear-up is a great opportunity to give your compost heap a boost, and create some great compost for use next year. If you haven't tried composting yet, it's the ideal time to get started – it's really easy and saves the expense of buying ready-made compost for your garden beds and planters
  • If you're disposing of asbestos, or using a large trailer or commercial vehicle to carry your domestic waste to the HWRC, you will need a permit – details are on our website
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