Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

  |  Published: Jun 25th 2015
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Personal Independence Payment (PIP)
PIP is a benefit for people with a long-term health condition or disability.  It is gradually replacing Disability Living Allowance (DLA), except for children under 16. 
For all people currently receiving DLA the PIP reassessment was introduced in Milton Keynes, on 25th May and in Bucks & Oxon on 22nd June 2015 (for current DLA customers who were aged under 65 on 8th April 2013). This will currently affect any people who require a review of their DLA, either because their condition has changed or because their planned review date is due, and who will now be assessed according to PIP criteria. 
And, from October 2015, it will begin to affect all other DLA recipients.  Those people will be notified that they need to reapply for their benefit by making an application for PIP. The time frame for contacting individuals has not been announced yet. It might be that you do receive a letter in October but equally, you might not hear from the DWP for a few weeks or even months after the introduction of the reassessment process. 
Do not be afraid!  Although the process can appear to be complex there are basically 3 stages.  Initially, people will receive a letter explaining that they will need to make an application by ‘phone. They have 28 days in which to do this.  Once the ‘phone call has been made a form is sent to the applicant asking for details of their condition and how it affects them and finally, for most, but not all, a face to face assessment. 
It’s important to look out for the letter and to act on it within the specified time frame. 
If enough people are interested the Chilterns MS Centre are planning to offer an information session at the centre to provide some guidance on dealing with this process. Please register your interest either at reception or by emailing  It would be very helpful if you indicate whether you prefer a late afternoon, evening or a weekend session.  Anybody who is interesting in attending with you, to help you with this process, is most welcome to attend.  The session is expected to be in September.

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