Police Information Point for Wendover Library

  |  Published: Jul 4th 2016

THIS MONTH (July) sees the start of new partnership between Wendover Community Library and Thames Valley Police. For the next six months the library, which was set up as a community Trust in 2012, will become a Community Police base.

The project will run initially as a six-month trial, after which the success of the service will be assessed jointly by BCC Library Service, Wendover Community Library Trust and Thames Valley Police.

Wendover is one of growing number of community libraries in Buckinghamshire that are finding new ways to bring services to local people.

Martin Phillips, Cabinet Member for Community Engagement and Public Health at Buckinghamshire County Council, said: "This is a great example of linking up with local partners to improve services and get more from our community facilities. It will not result in any extra costs for the library but with easier access to advice, increased police visibility and opportunities for volunteers - there are benefits for the whole community."

The Police Information Point will be staffed by Thames Valley Police trained volunteers and members of the local policing team.

Janet Webb, Library Operations Manager, said: "With ever more pressures on budgets finding cost effective ways to maintain a community policing presence and build better relationships with the public has to be a good thing - using community facilities is an ideal way to do this.

"Having a Police Information point in familiar surroundings like a library can be of particular benefit to older members of the community as well as anyone who may find the idea of contacting the police formally or walking into a police station a bit daunting."

The Police Information Point will be open for two hours a day on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, between 10.00am and 12.00.

library logo
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Volunteer Carolyn Rice
Carolyn Rice is the volunteer who can help you with queries on Fridays. Her colleagues Stephen Hemmings and Brian Prior will man the desk on Tuesdays and Thursdays 10am to 12 noon
Representatives from Thames Valley Police, Bucks County Council and Wendover Community Library gathered outside to celebrate this event, with Phil Dart the Bucks CC Communities Service Director in the blue suit in the middle
PCSO Megan Harriett
PCSO Megan Harriett will be a regular visitor as she is often seen in Wendover and its surroundings
PCSO Ken Stephenson
PCSO Ken Stephenson will be a regular visitor as he is often seen in Wendover and its surroundings
PC Thomas Piercy
PC Thomas Piercy will pop in from time to time as Wendover is part of his territory. His colleagues PC Jo Smith and PC Chris Tindall will likewise be around.
Local Police Team
Some of the local team including Inspector Chris Young, seated, and Sergeant Nick Perks, back far right
Philip Mitchell with Chief Superintendent Olly Wright
Philip Mitchell, chair of Friends of Wendover Community Library, shakes hands with Chief Superintendent Olly Wright of Thames Valley Police as a signal of friendship at the start of this new venture
Examples of the information available from the new Neighbourhood Engagement Point
Some members of TVP and Wendover Community Library
Some members of TVP and Wendover Community Library including Susan Moreton, Manager, Wendover Library, far left and Janet Webb, BCC Library Operations Manager, third left
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