Pressure on BP event drops

  |  Published: Apr 25th 2014

For the fourth year running the Rotary Club of Wendover and District, in conjunction with the Stroke Association, arranged for qualified staff to be at Wendover Library Annex from 10.00am until 12.30pm on Thursday 24th April to take blood pressure and provide tea and coffee and biscuits.

Word about the importance of knowing your blood pressure is obviously spreading. This year only some 25 people attended as compared with 60-70 in previous years. But of these 25 a significant number were advised to seek further advice from their GPs. A further beneficial development is the machine in Wendover Health Centre which takes a blood pressure reading automatically - no appointment!

Every five minutes in the UK someone has a stroke. 40 per cent of these could be avoided if high blood pressure was controlled. It’s the highest risk factor for stroke, and yet many of us can’t remember the last time we had our blood pressure taken, or what it usually is. So we may have just saved a life.

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