Private Arthur Philbey and family remembered

  |  Published: Sep 19th 2018

I was brought up in Wendover and have a friend whose son now lives there. Through this friend I have seen some editions of Wendover News.

Page 9 in the April 2018 issue the article Wendover Remembers (click here), had an extract from the Bucks Herald concerning Private Arthur Philbey. The reason for my interest is that he, his wife and son lived in the house next door to my home. I do not know if Ron, the son, has any relations who still live in the area but wondered if the attached pictures might be of any interest.

The house where Mr and Mrs Philbey lived is on the left of the archway, my home is on the right – my father was Doctor Orme. Ron is the small boy giving a piggyback to my sister. I am the other little girl aged at the time nearly 4 years old – I am now 93!

Mrs Jean Pitt-Lewis, Monmouth

This letter prompted a response from Ron's brother in the October 2018 print edition of Wendover News, click here.

Jean Orme, aged 4, standing
Ron Philbey, son of Arthur Philbey, carrying small girl. Jean Orme, her sister, aged 4, is standing.
Houses in Aylesbury Road
Home of Arthur Philbey and family, left of archway. Home of Dr Orme and family on right, now called The Red House, Aylesbury Road.
Dr Orme's House and Archway house
Dr Orme's House, foreground, and Archway House, Aylesbury Road
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