RAF Halton Station Commander Departs for Pastures New

  |  Published: Aug 24th 2016

RAF Halton’s Station Commander, Group Captain Adrian Burns, said farewell this week as his time at the helm came to an end.

Gp Capt Burns took the time to answer a few questions about his two years here.


Have there been challenging times? 

Group Captain Burns replied: “Oh goodness yes!  However, to be fair that is what the RAF has trained me to thrive in and which RAF Halton, as gateway to the RAF, educates the next generation to be able to do.  Sometimes it is sheer volume of work, but mainly it is because with 2000 people on Station there is always something happening that is causing someone some excitement.  As Commander I have always felt it is my responsibility to resolve such issues as best I can.” 


What have been the highlights for you personally? 

“I have met so many brilliant people during this tour and been privileged to meet everyone in local society; from the Duchess of Cornwall through to the most brilliant of charity volunteers in the community, that it is hard to say.  My highlights vary but I am proud that immediately after the Paris Bombings I was able to attend the local Mosque as Stn Cdr so that we could show solidarity with our neighbours against such extremism.  Most of my highlights have been when I have seen the brilliance in people or humanity and the value of my role and that of the RAF.  That was one such time.”


What, if any, advice would you pass to the new Station Commander?

“Set your vision early and then lead with your heart and your head.  Have faith in your people and ensure you get out of your office and mix with as many of them as often as possible – your tour will be over before you realise it and well before you want it to end.”


Where are you going next and to what position? 

“I am off to the Royal College of Defence Studies.  This is an amazing multi-national course intended to ensure that those of us who will be working at the strategic level are comfortable in a cross-government and international environment. The College was established in 1927, originally as the Imperial Defence College, in accordance with Winston Churchill's vision of promoting greater understanding between senior military officers, diplomats, civil servants and officials.”


Can you sum up your time here? 

“Humbling, brilliant and a blast!”


Group Captain Burns hosted a barbeque in the Sergeants’ Mess on his departure where he was presented with his Pennant. The photo shows him accepting it from Station Warrant Officer, WO Jake Alpert, with Station personnel looking on. The Pennant is the one that has hung outside Station Headquarters while he has been here.

group photo
Gp Capt Burns & WO Alpert
Gp Capt Burns & WO Alpert with the pennant
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