Rethink your drinking during alcohol awareness week

  |  Published: Nov 14th 2015
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During Alcohol Awareness Week (16 to 22 November), Buckinghamshire County Council are encouraging residents to think about the benefits of reducing their alcohol consumption by signing up for Dry January 2016.

In Buckinghamshire, one in five adults drinks at levels above the recommended guidelines, leading to an increased risk of health harms. In 2012-13 alcohol-related health care costs were an estimated £21.1 million, equating to £51 per adult.?

Last year, over 500 residents took part in Dry January and felt the benefits of a healthy start to the year. Abstaining from alcohol for one month can result in weight loss, increased energy levels and can also save money. So, if you think you can stay off the booze for 31 days, sign up for the challenge at

The theme for this year's national week of action is 'the impact of alcohol on our society’ with the aim of the week to get people thinking and talking about the health risks, social problems, stigmas and taboos of drinking and to challenge stereotypes about who is likely to be drinking too much.

Martin Phillips, Buckinghamshire County Council's Cabinet Member for Community Engagement and Public Health said: "Over Christmas and New Year, we often over-indulge with food and alcohol, so this is a great chance to recharge and make a healthy start to the new year.

"People who got involved last year said that by giving up booze for the month they saved money, lost weight, and had better sleep, skin and hair. I hope as many people as possible will take part in Dry January."

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