Rumsey’s Single Origin Easter Eggs

  |  Published: Mar 7th 2017

Rumsey’s are really excited to be producing a range of Single Origin Easter Eggs this year.

Chocolate is far from just a generic product, the quality of the cocoa beans that are used has a huge impact on the chocolates taste.  Just like we’ve seen in recent years in the coffee and wine industries, customers are becoming more discerning and interested in where chocolate comes from and the different flavour profiles that can be enjoyed from the different cocoa regions.

Where is cocoa grown?

Cocoa is grown in a narrow belt of tropical forest, 10 degrees north and south of the equator.

The cocoa tree flowers all year round and the cocoa pods are harvested twice a year.  The seeds inside the pods are collected, these are cocoa beans. Beans are left to ferment and then dried out in the sun. Once ready, shells are removed so that only the ‘cocoa nibs’ remain. Cocoa nibs are roasted to bring out their individual chocolate flavours.


Rumsey’s Single Origins

Arriba Milk Chocolate (39% cocoa content)

The typical Arriba flavour found in the original Cacao Nacional grown in North Ecuador is one of a kind. This milk chocolate surprises with its intense cocoa body and fruity flavours. The taste is very well-rounded with plenty of creaminess and milk, it even reveals subtle hints of exotic herbs and spices. Many cocoa growing countries have even tried to smuggle Arriba plants in to reproduce the typical flavours locally, but without success. The unique climate and soil conditions in the northern part of Ecuador seem to have a magical effect on the cocoa grown there. 

Java Milk Chocolate (32% cocoa content)

Cocoa was probably smuggled into Indonesia in the 17th century and the Java bean is still extremely rarely available. This milk chocolate has a typical pale and reddish colour, offers remarkable aromas and is a taste sensation! Explicit flavours of sweet caramel and biscuits and refreshing fruit with ever so slightly acid touches.

Madagascar Dark Chocolate (66% cocoa content)

Madagascar is an exotic flower among East African islands, it has amazing cocoa crops. Madagascar is a pale dark chocolate that is extremely mild and soft. It surprises with a supremely delicate yet powerful taste. Its flavour is characterised by fruity notes of banana, red fruit and hints of sweet liquorice.

Grenade Dark Chocolate (60% cocoa content)

Grenade – also known as the “spice island” – is renowned for its aromatic cocoa of extremely high quality. Cocoa cultivation on the island began at the end of the 17th century and is now an extremely sough after variety.  Grenade is a very fine, subtle chocolate with strong cocoa body, slight bitterness and great aromatic expressions. It is distinguished by its delightfully subtle hints of spices and flowers.

Each egg contains 4 bars of Single Origin chocolate, one from each origin for you to taste and compare.

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