Servicemen awaiting Trade Training (SATTs) go Outward Bound

Jane Reilly  |  Published: Dec 11th 2017

After completing Basic Recruit Training at RAF Halton, airmen and women who are awaiting their trade training go onto a holding flight. During this time they carry out local engagement tasks and spend a week doing an activity to help with the development of leadership, communication skills, team work and to help build confidence in a challenging environment.

To achieve these goals Cpl Rhydian Davies took 14 SATT’s on a trip to the Newquay Activity Centre at RAF St Mawgan. With ever changing weather they spent the week learning to surf on a Super SUP board, coasteering and visited a survival equipment school at St Mawgan.

AC Lewis Alan Carter-Davies said: “Overall the trip was a brilliant few days away, it challenged everyone in the group in one way or another especially myself when it came to heights and jumping off the rocks into the sea!  I've definitely learned to push myself and try new things, as it can give you a really good adrenaline rush.  I'm sure everyone in the group will agree with me in saying they would do it again tomorrow if they could.” 

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