New Business in Pound Street

  |  Published: Oct 29th 2012

Simon Carter comes to Town Simon Carter is on a slow but sure retail roll-out with a blend of own run and franchise shops with its latest edition coming to Wendover.

Having opened their first store in Great Missenden just over a year ago, Fahra and James Mickleburgh seized the opportunity when local estate agent John Hinton brought 6 South Street to their attention.

The brand has been in existence for 25 years and recently expanded into tailoring. This luxury English brand has been launched internationally into America, Canada, Japan, China and Australia, yet the stand alone shops have only really come into play this last 2 or 3 years.

Simon Carter London have exclusive rights to many of the products on display and as the number of stores is limited, customers can be assured that their purchases will look as attractive and feel as different and as special with each wearing.

Winter is upon us and Christmas not far behind so whether it's a pair of socks for Dad or a funky stripe shirt to be worn on Christmas Day, equally perhaps a sparkling pair of cuff links made from Swarovski Crystal you will find it at Simon Carter, Wendover.

The team welcomes you all and hopes that you will accept us into your community and look forward to meeting you in the run up to year end and beyond.

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