Sponsor a bird box scheme launched in the Chilterns

  |  Published: Sep 14th 2015
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Bird lovers are being invited to sponsor a nesting box to help birds in the Chilterns.

The Chiltern Society is launching its Sponsor a Bird Box scheme in four of the woodland sites it manages in Buckinghamshire; Whiteleaf Hill and Brush Hill Nature Reserve (both near Princes Risborough), Captain’s Wood near Chesham, and Cobblers’ Pitts near Wendover.

Vicky Blane, the Society’s Head of Marketing and Membership, said: “In return for a £25 donation, you will receive a photo of your box in situ, a map to show you its location, information about which birds are likely to nest there and an invitation to a chick-ringing session so you can see the birds for yourselves and learn about how we monitor the population.”

Gavin Johnson, the Society’s head of conservation and development, said: “One of the Society’s key areas of work is to protect and enhance the unique and diverse biodiversity of the Chilterns. 

“In recent months we have acquired a number of nature reserves and other important woodland sites which are managed and maintained by our volunteers.  One of our objectives over the winter is to buy and install bird boxes which will not only help increase nesting opportunities but allow us to monitor bird populations more accurately and manage habitats more effectively.”

If you would like to buy a bird box for yourself or as a gift, contact the Chiltern Society at 01494 771250.  You can also sponsor a box online at the Society website, www.chilternsociety.org.uk/birdbox  

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