Station Personnel assist with Military Pilgrimage to Lourdes

Jane Reilly  |  Published: Jun 1st 2018

Servicemen Awaiting Trade Training, SATTs, and instructor, Cpl Lewis Jacks, from Airmen’s Development Flight, have assisted with the International Military Pilgrimage in Lourdes, France. This was the 60th Anniversary of the Pilgrimage and was attended by over 16,000 personnel from 42 nations.

The SATTs were included in all the activities including marching through the town with the Standard, assisting injured ex-servicemen and taking part in church services. The days were long with the first parade often being at 0700 and activities finishing late into the evening, add to this the vibrant social scene and the trip proved to be tiring but worthwhile. The pilgrimage was exciting for the SATTs as it’s rare that a serviceperson gets the opportunity to meet so many other servicing personnel from around the world so early in their career, they made the most of it by swapping mementos and joining in the songs and rituals of the other nations.

Cpl Jacks said: “The SATTs really bought into the experience being the first to volunteer for taskings. They cheerfully took part in all they were tasked with while working with Phase 1 Recruits from other services.  It was noticeable that they were always impeccably turned out even though there were no ironing boards, they seemed to invent many new ways of ironing a shirt! The pilgrimage was a fantastic experience, even for someone who isn’t particularly religious like myself, and all of the SATTs group had an immensely satisfying and busy time.”

photo credit SAC Katrina Knox, RAF Lossiemouth
Photos are of Cpl Jacks, RAF Halton, reading at the UK Closing Mass, and also NCO ic of the National Standard party at the Closing Ceremony and with his team of SATTs at the International Military Pilgrimage at Lourdes, France; photo credit SAC Katrina Knox, RAF Lossiemouth.
photo credit SAC Katrina Knox, RAF Lossiemouth
photo credit SAC Katrina Knox, RAF Lossiemouth
photo credit SAC Katrina Knox, RAF Lossiemouth
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