Successful transition to trust status for Bucks County Museum

  |  Published: Nov 25th 2015
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The Bucks County Museum Trust has released its annual report, the first since its inception when it took over the management of the visitor experience from the Buckinghamshire County Council last year.

The trust is showing a surplus in its accounts. The majority of funding is awarded by the Buckinghamshire County Council, and greater levels of financial support have been gained through non-governmental grants and funding than previous years.

The WWI commemorative exhibition Duty and Service proved popular to visitors from across the county and military enthusiasts from further afield, and when accompanied by a growth in school visitor numbers, it means the museum has succeeded in partly mitigating a decrease in visitor numbers being experienced by museums across the country.

Trustees of the museum recognised the vital importance of community outreach, seeing its function far beyond the existing museum sites. The team has embarked on a series of new initiatives in collaboration with libraries, museums and public spaces across the county to share objects and stories, to make the collection more accessible. An Arts Council funded project has also seen the museum work with talented local artists throughout the year to develop a ‘Creative Connections’ exhibition, where visitors could see the works inspired by the museums amazing storehouse of art, natural history and antiquities.

Looking to the future, the trust is currently preparing a lottery application to expand the museums displays on its current site and is working to acquire the Lenbourgh Hoard, a hoard of more than 5,000 late Anglo-Saxon silver coins, dating to the eleventh century, one of the largest to ever be found in Britain. A partnership has also been developed with the British Museum, Bodleian Library & Horniman Museum to develop a flagship exhibition in 2017, The Art of Islam. 

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