Summer's over – and it's almost Stoptober

  |  Published: Sep 25th 2015
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Stoptober is the national campaign - now in its fourth year - that gives people the extra impetus to finally kick their smoking habit, because if you stay off tobacco for a month you're five times more likely to be able to give up for good.

And Buckinghamshire's NHS Smokefree Support Service is there to offer a free helping hand, so you can take up the challenge now and achieve one of the most important healthy lifestyle changes you can make.

Smokefree Service team leader Nicki Blyth said: "I'd really encourage anyone who's considering giving up smoking to use Stoptober as the moment to take action. Our team is here to give that extra bit of support; we're informal and friendly, and not at all judgemental – we understand what a challenge it is to quit.

"We can give you the advice and support you need to quit in the way that suits you best – though giving up completely for a whole month has been shown to be a really good way to first break the habit. This year we've also got local support groups in Aylesbury and Wycombe where you can join with others who also want to use the month to quit – visit our website to get full details at or call 0845 270 7222."

Martin Phillips, Buckinghamshire County Council's Cabinet Member for Community Engagement & Public Health, added: "We all know that there are tremendous health benefits to giving up smoking, but that doesn't make it any easy thing to do - I was a smoker for thirty years before giving up, and know just how tough it is. You say you'll give up, but not quite yet – so if that's you, I'd really encourage you to use this Stoptober as the opportunity to seize the day and make the lifestyle change you want."

Visit the Smokefree Support Team's web pages at


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