'Team Legless' visit RAF Halton

Jane Reilly  |  Published: May 8th 2017

Mr Stuart Robinson and Flight Sergeant Darren Norman have visited RAF Halton to deliver an inspirational speech to Station personnel and Airman’s Development Flight.

The two have known each other since school days and joined the military at the same time in 2001, but back in February 2013 Stu’s life took a dramatic change of direction. A Corporal serving in the Royal Air Force Regiment, a husband and a father, Stu was on his fourth deployment to Afghanistan. Both Stu and his family were used to his frequent deployments and this one started off like any other. On the 19th February during a vehicle patrol, his vehicle drove over and initiated an Improvised Explosive Device (IED). The IED was detonated right underneath his seat and he took the full impact of the explosion. Stu’s left leg was amputed at the scene, with his right leg hanging on by a thread, his spine was fractured in 18 different places, both scapula were fractured, his lower left arm, sternum, pelvis and jaw in three places.

The formation of TEAM LEGLESS was initially for the purpose of giving Stu something to focus on and competing in Airfield Anarchy, in 2015, was the first event and subsequently increased the profile of the team. This is when the focus of TEAM LEGLESS changed in the fact that it was now inspiring others as well with Darren posing the question that if Stu can do these events with no legs then why can’t I?

Stu went on to be selected for the Invictus Games in 2014 where competing in Wheelchair Rugby came away with a gold medal and a bronze in the 2016 games; his aim now is to be selected for TEAM GB for the 2020 Paralympics.

TEAM LEGLESS is a group of serving members of the Armed forces, who attempt challenges and show with teamwork, motivation and determination, that anybody irrespective of their disability can still complete any challenge put in front of them. To give you an idea on what TEAM LEGLESS have planned over the next 24 months

  • Hand cycle 455 miles with 24 hours on 2 hand cycles.
  • Invictus Games  -  Robbo is hoping to represent TEAM GB again in Orlando.
  • The Great Glen way in 24 hours -  this will consist of over 60 miles of cycling, canoeing the length of Loch Ness and running/wheelchair.
  • A Para Triathlon.
  • The Yorkshire 3 Peaks.
  • Canoe across the UK.
  • RAAM  -   A 3000 mile bike ride across America.
  • Airfield Anarchy / Afterburner
Flight Sergeant Darren Norman
Flight Sergeant Darren Norman
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