Tribute: Ivor Pammenter

  |  Published: May 1st 2009

I sadly discovered that Ivor Pammenter, old head teacher of Wendover Middle School, passed away at the end of February. I attended Wendover Middle School in the early 1980s and had fantastic memories of my time there under the guidance of Mr Pammenter and his staff. One could not have wished for a better childhood education! I have not lived in the area for almost 18 years now but still have fond links to the school and was very saddened to hear that Mr Pammenter had died.

I have spoken with a few old friends from back then and they were equally saddened to hear the news. There is a Facebook page for old pupils and there are several grainy pictures of him from the 1980s and earlier - it's a good place to reminisce and there are some wonderful memories shared there.
Johanna Burley


Mrs Margaret Gosling has written a brief tribute for Wendover News. Mrs Gosling’s sons passed through Wendover Middle School and she started working there 8 years before Mr Pammenter retired. Since Mrs Gosling retired she has become a local historian starting with a book about Wendover Middle School:

Mr Ivor Pammenter retired as Headmaster of Wendover Church of England Middle School in July 1992 after thirty-one years of devoted service to the people of Wendover. With his impressive sense of duty and respect for the individual, he was a good friend to children, parents and staff alike combining old fashioned standards with visions for the future.

He first came to Wendover as a student teacher in 1948 when Mr. Harold Figg Edgington was the headmaster at the Victorian built school at the bottom of the High Street. Mr Pammenter returned as the deputy headmaster in September 196l and in January 1965 he became the headmaster. He proved a worthy successor to Mr. Figg Edginton leading the school through a period of great change and upheaval, from the 1960s through to the Computer Age and the introduction of the National Curriculum.

Mr. Pammenter presided over the successful transition from the old school to the new Middle School on the Wharf Road campus in 1974. The school continued as a place of opportunity in music, dance, sport and educational visits as well as a sound academic education. He will be remembered by many for his kindness and understanding and for his hard work and versatility. His retirement marked the end of an era but his wise leadership laid the foundations for the successful school that we have today.

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