Tribute to John Brooman

Neville Morton  |  Published: Mar 4th 2015

I was pleased to be asked by Anne to write something in respect of a person who will be missed by many people and organisations in Wendover. He would consider himself doing his work quietly, mostly behind the scenes, therefore not in the centre of a wide circle of acquaintances. He would have been surprised to know that so many wished to pay their respects at his funeral that the crematorium wasn’t big enough. There was a varied sample there from most walks of life, all acknowledging, from their different viewpoints, how Wendover was the better for John and his efforts.

John and Anne arrived in Wendover in 1968, as a newly-married couple. He was a very good precision engineer with the enquiring mind which needed to learn more. He had considerable practical knowledge and ability. He was therefore useful, and was sought out if something needed to be done. In that way, he chaired and became Treasurer of those organisations with which he was involved, despite working as well, which he did until the end of his life.  By 1976, sons Richard and Edward had arrived, and like all good dads, he was very active in the organisations providing facilities for them, carrying on afterwards as improvements were made for the future.

He was an organiser of the annual Wendover Carnivals which raised money for the hoped-for swimming pool. Once there was money to start building, volunteer labour was required and he rolled his sleeves up with many others and helped build it. The pool opened in the mid 1970’s and he was on the management committee, he and Anne obtained their lifesaving certificates to be qualified helpers at the pool. He chaired the Pool Committee and did much valuable work negotiating terms as the responsibility for certain aspects of the pool changed hands.By 1978, while Wendover Football club had a Junior team, there was no organised football for those over 7 years old. John and other parents started the Wendover football training club which later merged with the junior Wendover teams to form the successful Wendover Junior Football Club, with John as Treasurer for a long time.His practical skill was sought once again and he was involved with the Wendover Arm Trust. His sleeves were rolled up again, as committee member, treasurer and worker on the site, until he died.John had to be active, his work had to be correct and his committees got things done. He was not religious, as far as I know, but Christians judge people by the good they do and leave behind. John had reason to be proud of his sons and their families, together with the lasting good which came from his efforts. He has gone too soon and many will miss him.

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